Spring is here, and we are celebrating National Car Care Month throughout the month of April. It’s important to bring your truck or SUV in regular maintenance for several reasons, and this month-long auto holiday serves as the perfect reminder.

The first thing we want to do when you visit our Ford service center is to check all the working parts under your hood, from belts to hoses to filters. We will ensure everything is working properly and in good condition.

We also want to check all the fluids under the hood. While you may regularly get your engine oil changed, there are lots of others to be checked regularly too. We’ll make sure you have adequate levels for your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, coolant, and brake fluid too.

It’s also important to have your tires rotated after the winter to be sure they haven’t worn unevenly. We’ll check to be sure that your tires have adequate pressure and tread too. You can also tell by doing the Penny Test if your tread has become compromised. We’ll look at your brakes as well to make sure they are working their best. You should be sure to clean off excess brake dust too.

Make sure to give your car the extra attention it needs. Stop in and see us at our Ford dealership near Zapata, TX so we can help. Ford vehicles are built to last – so get the most out of yours with a little extra care.