One of the worst things about a flat tire is the surprise. When you are faced with a flat, it’s unsettling, to say the least. Do you feel comfortable changing a flat tire by yourself? Our team at Sames Ford offers a few tips on how to handle a situation such as this.

Practice Safety

Safety is important when changing a tire. First, you want to make sure you are in a safe setting and away from oncoming traffic. Engage your emergency brake and even consider adding a wheel wedge behind the opposite tire for extra stability. Don’t forget to put your emergency flashers on too.

Remove the Flat Tire

Start by loosening the lug nuts on your wheel. After you have loosened them (which are probably especially tight), it’s safe to jack up your car. Once your tire is no longer touching the ground, completely remove the lug nuts and the flat tire. Then, replace the tire with your spare and securely reattach the lug nuts. Lower the vehicle to the ground, and tighten the lug nuts once more.

Replace the Spare Tire

Spare tires should only be used for a limited time – and at a limited speed. It’s important to visit our to get a replacement tire or have the original repaired as soon as possible. We can also check to be sure your other tires haven’t been compromised either.

Flat tires can’t always be avoided, although sometimes precautions can help. Visit our firekeepers casino buffet for regular tire maintenance to help avoid potential issues down the road. (No pun intended!)