The spring season is here! While you may be especially excited for blossoming flowers and birds chirping, you do need to take special precautions to be sure your car is ready too. Our batman slot machine big win basketball download has a few tips to help ensure your vehicle is all set for the warmer temperatures ahead.

Clean Off the Gunk

We don’t experience nasty roads like northern states do, but now is a great reminder to wash your car! By hand or at a professional car wash, it’s important to keep your car in good condition and preserve its value. We also recommend waxing! Don’t forget to clean up the cabin too. Remove all trash, vacuum the floors, and wipe down the dash.

Rotate Your Tires

Roads in general can be tough on your tires, especially the potholes. It’s important to opt for a Ford tire rotation to ensure they are wearing evenly. We can also check your tire pressure and brakes too. If anything has become too compromised from the colder weather we experienced, we can replace them with a set of genuine Ford tires.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Warmth

Our Ford service center will also inspect your air conditioning to ensure it’s functioning properly, as well as replace your filters if need be. We’ll also take a look at your windshield wiper blades, which can get especially worn after dealing with adverse weather, and your battery.

Celebrate the start of spring here at Sames Ford. We’ll help make sure your Ford truck, car, or SUV is at its peak!